Steven Beckley, Violin Bowmaker


The original designer of this bow has not yet been born.
Though it seems to be of the outer Mars school of the late 21st century,
the exact maker's name is still in dispute.

Postmodern violin bow

It is hand carved from a single piece of Pernambuco wood.
The design of the bow came to Mr. Beckley in a dream. In the dream...

postmodern violin bow frog

Mr. Beckley found himself face to face with his spirit guides. The profound
impact of this meeting cannot be overstated. Mr. Beckley later said
that, had he known the activities of his nights dream ahead of time,
he would have had an extra glass of wine before bed.

postmodern violin bow frog

After the initial meeting and introductions, the spirit guides grabbed Mr. Beckley
and tossed him into the back of a 1957 Chrysler Imperial.
Two of them got into the back seat with him. They handed him a beer
and the rest of the evening was spent cruising the sights of our solar system.
Upon waking Mr. Beckley had the vivid image of the bow in his mind
and proceeded with his mission.


A Gold mounted Ebony frog forms the midnight sky background
setting off mother-of-pearl and Abalone inlays representing the
planets, moons and comets that he visited that night.


And if you don't believe that story make up one you will believe and e-mail it to me.