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Steven Beckley, Violin Bowmaker

For the Sound and Feel of a bow by a dead Frenchmen, at the price of a living American.

Silver and ebony mounted pernambuco violin bows begin at USD $5,200.00.
Silver and ebony mounted pernambuco cello bows begin at $5600.00.
Gold mounted bows start at USD $6,500.00.
Bows with frogs made of non-endangered, exotic material like mastodon are also available.

To make arrangements to try a violin bow made by Steven Beckley,

call 707-937-2023

Mr Beckley always had several bows in inventory to ship for your trial,

The Bow you use to make your music is a personal and individual thing. There is no way to create an automated, online form that will select the bow that is best for you. When you call Mr Beckley will make sure that you receive the bow that is best suited to your style of playing. Call and experience what it is like to use a bow made by Steven Beckley.

If you have a question you would like to ask Mr. Beckley about his bows you can ask it through the following form. Remember, you must enter your real e-mail address, if you don't there is now way he can reply to you.

Your Name:

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