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When it comes to a craft, each artisan has their tools and materials.

Pajoet violin bow tip
Pajoet violin bow frog
pajoet violin bow frog
As an Artist, you strive to get the finest tone and color that your instrument is capable of giving. You do not scrimp in your efforts to make beautiful music. A well crafted, handmade violin bow has been carved and formed to bring out the best qualities of a bow that is within that piece of wood. A well-made violin bow will enhance your playing experience and enrich the sound that you are sending out to your listeners.
Peccatte cello bow tip As a Bow Maker, with years of training and experience, I can sense the nuances in each piece of wood as I am creating a Bow out of it. Each piece of Pernambuco wood that I use has been carefully milled and aged for many years. I test the bow blank in my workshop for stiffness and density before I begin to carve it. I blend the advantages of modern technology with old-world craftsmanship moderated and guided by my honed intuition to create a bow that, in your hands, will make your instrument sing.
peccatte cello bow frog
Peccatte cello bow frog A Handmade Bow is a tool for the most sensitive hands. On its own it is a beautiful and elegant thing to see with rich colors and textures. In the hands of a masterful player, it will make your instrument come vividly to life. Carefully weighted and balanced, it feels like a natural extension of your own body. Properly bent and tensioned it comes to life in your hands, dancing across the strings of your instrument as the notes you play spring forth into the world .
Postmodern violin bow tipInspiration for violin bows is generally taken from the classic bows of the 18th and 19th centuries. Bows by the makers Paojet and Peccatte are often used as models and reference during the construction of a violin bow. Bows based on these designs are standard the world round.
post modern violin bow frog
postmodern violin bow frogImagination fuels Inspiration. At times I let my imagination run wild. Rather than giving homage to bows of the past, the design process is driven by my experience of the present and visions of the future. Breaking the chains of conventionality, these bows leap the limitations of what you may think a bow should be and give a glimmer of what a violin bow could be.
postmodern violin bow frog
postmodern violin bow frogNew and Innovative, these last few images are of an historic copy of a bow from a future period. It will be called the "postmodern" period of bowmaking. While the visual aspects are new and radical, the playability and sound production of these bows are of the same, uncompromised quality to be found in my bows based on classic models.

 If you are interested in purchasing or trying a Steven Beckley bow, please E-mail, fax or call to make arrangements.

Silver and ebony mounted Violin and Viola bows start at $5,200. USD.
Silver and ebony mounted pernambuco cello bows begin at $5600.00.
Gold mounted bows start at $6,500. USD.

I do not use Elephant Ivory, Tortoise Shell or any other materials that are outlawed or derived from endangered species in the making of my bows. 

"...and, at other times, a bow is simply a bow."
attributed to Sigmund Freud


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